Happy Earth Day!

It’s been unusually wet and windy here for the past couple of weeks–not exactly rainy, but not sunny either. The cloud cover makes for fantastic outdoor portraits, so I braved the drizzle and took my newest JAMIEshow to the Central Oahu Park and managed to get some great shots in between pesky droplets on my lens.

Didi and Louis head outside with a bicycle to have a picnic lunch at the park. What a great way to spend Earth Day!

Thanks to Jim Dandy for selling me his Didi. I regretting not getting her before George sold out. I love that she has glass eyes that can be moved or changed out. I fitted her with some dark brown eyes and her bob hairdo is totally different from the ponytail wig cap she came with. Her dress and long sleeved shirt are by Boxpleat. Wedges by Empire.

DSC_0251 DSC_0264 DSC_0259 DSC_0273 DSC_0292 DSC_0287 DSC_0297 DSC_0318 DSC_0303 DSC_0271 DSC_0265 DSC_0268 JAMIEshow Didi

How will you celebrate mother Earth today?

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  1. LeeAnn wrote:

    Vicky I always enjoy reading the entries in your blog. I plan to celebrate Earth Day by working in the flower beds. Get them ready for the summer.

    • Tori wrote:

      Thank you for reading my blog and posting a comment, LeeAnn! Here’s hoping you and Lily have a wonderful Earth Day getting dirty in the garden! 😉