Custom JAMIEshow Ginny with Glass Eyes

In search of a doll that combines the sophistication of a JS fashion doll face and body with the added benefit and versatility of inset eyes, I recently had my Holiday Ginny “put under the knife” for some plastic surgery.

Noah, aka “RoosterBlue” on DeviantART, performed the procedure most closely referred to as an “eye opening” in BJD parlance. Technically, however, “eye openings” are typically performed on BJD heads commonly called “sleepy” heads. These extras heads often accompany larger-scaled, non-fashion BJDs. They usually have partially closed eye holes already equipped with interior eye sockets into which eyes can be inserted to peer out of the slits. Apparently, many western collectors opt to have these slits opened fully, optimizing the use of the extra head.

Because my Holiday Ginny had painted eyes and hence no eye sockets, her procedure involved more than just the standard BJD “eye-opening.” It also included the shaping of the eye sockets at the interior of the head, essentially creating a seat within which the eyes would sit. Noah informed me that this was called “beveling.”

Because I really liked Ginny’s factory face, I hoped that Noah could perform the “eye-opening” whilst preserving the original paint, perhaps retouching at the end if need be. Unfortunately he doubted that this would be possible. Sure enough, he ultimately ended up doing a new face-up, which I am very glad for! I love how he managed to bring out the natural beauty of Ginny’s sculpt using very subtly colored pastels that lend a more realistic effect. Furthermore, the beveling of the eye sockets is impeccable. The eyes I sent to be fitted to the doll sit perfectly in their new sockets with very little gap between the resin and the eyes making them look very natural. As an added bonus, the eyes seem to stay put without any putty!

I absolutely love that I can now change Ginny’s gaze and eye color at will. I think she looks extra sassy sporting a side glance in these photos.

JAMIEshow Ginny with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Ginny with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Ginny by Noah, aka RoosterBlue JAMIEshow Ginny with Glass Eyes Glass-eyed JAMIEshow Ginny JAMIEshow Ginny by Noah, aka RoosterBlue on DeviantART

So now I’m hooked and am thinking about which of my JS dolls should be my next eye-opening victim! Should I choose Grace, Angelica, Sasha or Kyra? Or perhaps one of the men? I probably wouldn’t want to do Tatum just yet since he’s such a newcomer, but Lee, Cameron, or Alejandro might be good candidates….

Which JS doll would you like to see done?

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  1. LeeAnn wrote:

    I love your Ginny with glass eyes!! She’s gorgeous Vicky!!

  2. she looks amazing so alive