Glamour in Gold

Here are more shots of my fabulous mod JAMIEshow Ginny with glass eyes!

She’s modeling one of my favorite Tonner outfits, “Patron of the Arts.” This outfit was part of the 2002 Tyler Wentworth collection–back when Tyler still had straight arms! (You’ve come a long way, Tonner!) The main pieces include a gold, faux-wrap long-sleeved top with snaps at the cuffs, a black velvet column skirt with a slit up one leg in the front (very seductive!), and a black faux fur stole lined with the same gold lame fabric of the blouse. Fur stoles are such a staple in a fashion doll’s wardrobe and although I’ve never been a big fan of them, I find this one suits the outfit well. Admittedly, its gold lining does put the ensemble a little bit over the top for me, but it can be easily obscured.

Ginny also wears the wonderful Scheherazade rooted wig cap in brown by JAMIEshow. While I really love the concept of the JAMIEshow rooted wig caps, especially since it makes such an intricate style possible, in truth they do not stay on very well at all. I had hoped that for this short and compact style, the cap would stay put. Unfortunately, as with all the other JS rooted wig caps I have, the single magnet in the head is just not strong enough to hold and it falls off much too easily. However, I really like this hairstyle and am nonetheless quite glad I got a couple of these caps in different colors before they sold out! Ultimately, if one really needed to secure the cap, a little sticky putty of some sort might remedy the problem without fixating the cap permanently.

The Empire chaise upon which Ginny is posing can barely be seen in these low-key photos, but it is quite nice. It is scaled for 16″ dolls and is one of the older Bespaq pieces that is supposedly no longer in production. In the past I’ve seen it from time-to-time on eBay, being sold by select vendors or secondary sellers, but this occurs a lot less frequently lately. It typically comes in a plain mahogany or walnut wood finish without the gold detailing. If you are patient enough, and have a fairly steady hand, the gold can be painted on relatively easily as I did here with mine.

Mod JS Ginny with Glass Eyes Mod JS Ginny with Glass Eyes Mod JS Ginny Mod JS Ginny with Glass Eyes

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