The New Year’s Hangover

JAMIEshow Grace deals with the aftermath of last night’s New Year’s celebration.
(WARNING: Mild mature content and really lousy poetic verse.)

‘Twas the day after the party…

Sybarite Props

and all through the living room
was an unsightly mess…

Sybarite Diorama

that one woman, alone, would have to address.

JAMIEshow Grace

Alright, where do I begin?

JAMIEshow Grace

Should I start with the stains on the carpet before they set in?

JAMIEshow Grace

Or should I pick up the trash and put it in a bin?

JAMIEshow Cleaning Lady

OMG! Is that someone sleeping on the piano?

JAMIEshow Cleaning Lady

Not sure who, but I don’t think she plays glissando!

JAMIEshow Piano

…and is that Angie passed out on the couch? But she doesn’t drink!

JAMIEshow Cleaning Lady

I could be wrong, but that’s what I think…

Sybarite Props

“No, Chester!”

JAMIEshow Angelica

“How’s about some coffee, Angie?”
“Thanks, Gracie.”

JAMIEshow Angelica

“Coffee, Ginny?”

JAMIEshow Ginny

“To the BATHROOM, please!”

JAMIEshow Diorama

Someone UNDER the piano too?
“Al, is that you?”

Tonner Tyler Piano

“No thanks, Gracie, I think I’ll just head home.”


“Thanks for finding my earring, Gracie!”
“No problem, Gin! I think these are yours too?”


JAMIEshow Eshe Warms Up to the Camera with a Fresh New Look
Ringing in the New Year

One Comment

  1. Dani wrote:

    Oh my, I simply love, love, LOVE this! The humor, the dolls, the interior, the details… I can’t even begin to explain what a delight this is for me to see! Wonderful work!!! Thank you so much!