JAMIEshow Eshe Warms Up to the Camera with a Fresh New Look

A few months ago I was lucky enough to purchase a nude Madame Eshe in need of some TLC from Prego friend, Dan Murray. (Thank you, Dan!) Because of the extensive staining and other issues she had, Dan let me have her at a good price, and with that little extra cash in-hand, I decided she was the perfect candidate for a makeover.

I sent her to see Mingyi Lee of Deadly NightShade who literally worked on her from head to toe, removing her full-body 18th century boudoir powder to restore her skin tone to a natural blush. Mingyi also pampered Eshe with a French mani-pedi, fresh neutral face-up, plus an eye-opening mod to inset glass eyes!

Eshe’s amazing new look is so fresh and light, I decided that my Parisian apartment diorama, minimally furnished and awash in bright sunlight was the perfect setting for her first portrait shoot. Here she is, channeling a little bit of her inner Holly Golightly, in a simple outfit: a striped Men’s shirt from JAMIEshow’s exquisitely tailored Homme collection, a pair of simple white panties, and little else. She also wears Monique’s French braided “Pansy” wig in “Brown Black” and soft glass eyes by Masterpiece Eyes in “Azure.”

May these photos help to warm the hearts of those of you on the continent enduring the extreme cold this winter!

JAMIEshow Eshe with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Eshe with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Eshe with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Eshe with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Eshe JAMIEshow Madame Eshe JAMIEshow Madame Eshe JAMIEshow Madame Eshe JAMIEshow Madame Eshe JAMIEshow Eshe with Glass Eyes JAMIEshow Madame Eshe JAMIEshow Eshe with Glass Eyes

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  1. Eshe looks beautiful! Mingyi is a true artist.

  2. Terri Gold wrote:

    Eshe looks amazing. To look at the original and your renewed gal side by side is to see the great sculpt that doesn’t come through with her original face paint.
    I’d like to know more about Mingyi Lee. Does she (he?) have a website or Facebook page?