The “Big (or Little?) Reveal”

Prompted by one of my posts on Prego, Karin introduced herself to me last night via email. She said she did not post very often (which explains why she was not immediately familiar to me) and that she lived on the north shore of the island!

“Eureka!” I thought, excited at the prospect of finally hanging out with a fellow Pregoite also living on the island. She had a day off today, and I definitely needed one too, so we made impromptu plans to meet.

Having done a search on Prego for her old posts the night of her email, I deduced that she was mainly a Sybarite and Dollcis collector. As I get ready for our meeting, I decide to bring a couple of my JAMIEshow dolls: something novel for a little “show-and-tell.” I head out the door and grab my mod Eshe and Tatum who were both still hanging out in the living room partially dressed from a photoshoot over the weekend.

After a 15-minute drive, I arrive at the rendezvous point and run into Karin in the parking lot just outside the cafe. I recognize her immediately from a photo she posted on Prego. I introduce myself and we hug “hello.”

“I brought a couple of my dolls.” I say.

“Oh good!” she says enthusiastically with a smile.

It is past noon by the time we walk into the cafe and it is busy with their lunch crowd. Suddenly, I feel a little trepidation about having brought the dolls. She must feel the same because we both start rapidly scanning the cafe for the most secluded table, our eyes darting left and right like fugitives. We venture outside and find the perfect temporary hideout: a small 2-top table that is cornered on the street side by a thick hedge. Perfect! We sit down and set about blabbing immediately!

About an hour in, I slip Eshe’s box out of its shipper and place it on the table. I let a few minutes pass before discreetly sliding it over to Karin like it’s a suitcase of drugs or ransom money. She opens it and, to my horror, takes the doll out and holds her up in the sunlight so that she (and everyone else at the cafe who has a view) can see her better!

“Are you crazy?!” I almost say in a hushed scream. “Put that thing away!” I want to say, as if I’m a blackmarket gun dealer and she’s unwittingly brandishing a gun she’s inspecting for purchase.

But my brief moment of mortification quickly passes. We’re not criminals, for chrissakes! We’re just a couple of grown women playing with dolls–who cares? We’re having too much fun to worry about being self-conscious! 

Three hours later, Karin is also smitten with Tatum. She admires him as I carefully pack him back into the foam inserts of his box. Somehow we start talking about “private” parts:

“Is he like Ken?” she asks.

It suddenly occurs to me that she has never seen a male BJD before. I am unable to stop my mouth from flashing her a very wide, devilish grin. “Oh no!” I say, “He has no built-in underwear.”

We laugh. A lot.

I eventually ask her if she “wants to see” and in a long build-up prior to the actual “reveal,” we have a hearty chuckle, joking about his “man parts.” I try to describe them to her and talk about the phenomenon of BJD genitalia in general. Karin’s imagination starts to run a little wild and she begins furrowing her brows a bit in apprehension about what she’s about to see.

“Oh no. It’s not like it’s huge and overly obscene or anything.” I say in an attempt to allay her fears. “Think more…Michelangelo’s ‘David’.”


Thank you for a lovely afternoon, Karin! (Special thanks also to George Gonzalez for providing ample entertainment for us!)

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  1. Billa wrote:

    LOL Tori, this cracked me up….BTW your dolls and dioramas are gorgeous!