Portrait Session: JAMIEshow Tatum

I love everything about JAMIEshow’s Tatum. He is an African American sculpt with hazel eyes and a luscious pair of lips in an absolutely beautiful, honey skin tone. As you can see, fresh out of the box he really doesn’t need much else to look good, but for added exotic flair, he wears dreadlocks (Monique Trading Co. “Reeva” wig) in a gold/brown color along with a great pair of distressed jeans by Empire. Underwear: model’s own. Tatum also came with a wig and an absolutely amazing pair of leather zori (aka “flip flops” for those of you who live beyond the Hawaiian archipelago.) The chair is a piece I commissioned from the wonderful Milena of MINIMAGINE.

Fashion BJD Honey-skinned AA BJD JAMIE show doll African American Fashion BJD JAMIE show dolls Male Fashion BJD JAMIEshow Tatum JAMIEshow Tatum

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